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Unfinished Wooden Table Legs

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Find exactly what you are looking for with our 100+ options of styles, designs and colors with our custom table legs. Let your interior designer shine through and create the amazing table or desk of your dreams! Take a look around our online store, browse a huge selection or traditional, victorian, modern, classic and unique styles of unfinished table legs. Our vibrant color selections have been carefully curated to give you unlimited interior design possibilities.

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Browse our amazing leg selection for unique designs, colors and tones to create the perfect furniture piece exactly how you want it!

We offer carved wooden legs. We have a large range of wooden furniture legs, which is constantly updated with new models. Here you can find a leg for any joinery. In order to get the legs carve, most often the work is entrusted to computers, but manual work is valued much higher. Carved wood, made by the hands of a master, is the most expensive option, the house will have a table with beautiful unique legs, the only one in the world.

Choose the wood from which the legs will be made, depending on the type of table: dining, kitchen, work or decorative. It is possible to use a single leg, but provided that it is massive enough. If the tabletop is not stable, you need to pick up other legs. The tabletop can be square, round or oval.

Each type of wood has its own value and distinctive appearance. For humid regions, oak is the best option. It stands up well to sharp temperature changes and does not rot. However, the finished product is very expensive because of the special method used to process the wood.

Beech furniture looks aesthetically appealing due to the unusual shades of wood, but it is not recommended to put such a table in the kitchen. Because of the large amount of moisture, it will quickly deteriorate. Legs for furniture, first of all is a support. Already then - an independent decoration of the room. To make the furniture look decent, it is important that all of its parts were made in a high-quality, beautiful, unique and stylish way.

Registration of the support is chosen based on the general style of the room and, of course, it must be in harmony with the main part of the object. For example, in the case of the table - with the tabletop. Woodcarving in this case is the best option. Our specialists make legs from beech and oak. Each of these high-quality woods is characterized by wear resistance, durability, it is not deformed by humidity and temperature differences, it is not subject to rotting. Taking care of such furniture is a pleasure. Its appearance is presentable and noble.

Actually wood is always objectively better than plastic, glass, polymers. This material is alive and warm. It fills the house with its energy. Its natural pattern is always beautiful and original. But it, if desired, can be completely modified or slightly tweaked. High-quality interior decoration is always smart and elegant, it is always a work of art in the house, which attracts looks and makes the room a truly comfortable and cozy. In general, arranging the house with natural wood is a classic. Solid wood has a lot of advantages: it is functional and durable and will last for decades. It is beautiful, elegant and natural. Anything can be cut and carved. The material is flexible and sturdy, with a wide range of textures. If mechanically damaged, the wood can be restored. In addition, if desired, the solid can be artificially aged, matt or glossy. In a word, it is easy to get exclusivity and naturalness by choosing this material.

By their form today wooden supports do the most diverse. Popular are the so-called bent and curved, legs Viennese and cabriole. The latter means a rounded shape of the product, which looks a bit like, decorated with curls and fancy lines, the letter S. Luxuriously looks image paws or heads of birds or animals. Plant theme, figures of people, various ornaments are popular. Undoubtedly, for hundreds of years masters of woodcarving have been making custom items in the Victorian style. It has perhaps all the most presentable things gathered together. Wooden carved table legs will be the most expressive detail of your interior. Carved legs for the table made of wood will choose classical adherents and sophisticated connoisseurs of natural materials.

Wood is warm and alive. It fills the house with its special energy. Its natural pattern is always beautiful and original. And if desired, it can be slightly tweaked and modified.

Furniture leg is the most important element of any piece of furniture. Both the stability of the product and the impression it makes on the people around it depends on it. Wooden carved legs in the decor of the house are deservedly considered a sign of good taste. This is facilitated by the fact that natural wood always looks exquisite and luxurious.

To make a piece of furniture look good. All of its elements must be attractive. Wooden furniture leg is very important. Because it makes a great impression on the entire piece of furniture. On our site it is possible to pick up the ornate table legs for any carved wood table. And for any operating conditions. Buying our unfinished wood table legs, customers usually pay attention not only to its beauty. But also on the reliability.

We sell products made from durable materials - beech and oak. The products are made by craftsmen. Who are engaged in this kind of work for many years. They optimally combine reliability and external originality in one item. Our antique table legs are a real work of art,. Which become the highlight of the interior. An important factor determining the price of wood carving is the complexity of the product. It follows from this that the more intricate details it has, the more expensive it is.

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