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Carved Wood Corbels

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Handmade carved wood corbels are popular decor items used by designers and architects to adorn spaces. With the corbels, you will completely transform the room, making it more impressive and presentable. Decorative brackets from our catalog - worthy decoration not only for walls, but furniture, paintings, and many other interior objects. These items look charming and harmoniously complement both classic and modern interior styles. Our unique corbels are made out of high-quality oak or beech wood and carefully handcrafted by skilled craftsmen.

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Decorative wood corbels are another type of carved decoration for wooden furniture and exterior. Our production produces this element in several designs.

Hand carved corbel is used both as a supporting. And as a decorative element of the structure. Classic wooden doors, shelves, window curtains, cabinets decorated with such detail as a bracket enrich the interior of the room. Making it more solid and elegant. This element is universal. And can be used in the decoration of facades of houses, cottages.

As an architectural element, the bracket is decorated with decorative scrolls, leaves and other relief patterns. Red oak corbels can be made of different sizes. Unusual, vintage carved wood brackets allow you to create a huge number of interesting dissimilar projects in classic and contemporary styles.

Wood brackets are used in the design of door trims, portals, fireplaces, beds, bedside tables, desks, dressers, cabinets, kitchens, wall panels, stairs. Miniature and medium-sized items are often included in projects of coffered ceilings and friezes. Flat decorative elements decorate porches and pergolas. And indoors, brackets for wooden beams create interesting accents. In addition, carved wooden elements can serve as a beautiful support for shelves.

All models of oak brackets are organically combined with other elements of carved decoration. You can easily pick up overlays, rosettes. Or carved mouldings from the corresponding sections of our site.

Note that it is possible to make small corrections to the existing models of brackets. However we recommend choosing the standard without changes. It will save your time and money. Please note that each product in our catalog is designed with a large dimensional grid.

At the stage of independent design you can download drawings of our standard brackets. Include in the design of furniture or interior.

Carved decor corbels will transform your projects. Make them recognizable, interesting and luxurious. For the design of facades, especially if various multi-layered elements are used. All kinds of brackets and consoles are often used in architecture. In the usual sense, they are designed to support and secure objects. But now they are more likely to be used as decoration. They can be used to create a variety of design styles. Because our range presented in the catalog satisfies the taste of almost any customer. The beauty, fineness of workmanship and huge choice of patterns of products make the brackets unique in "the sea" of similar products.

Products that we offer are of high quality, long life and reliability. All brackets are made from materials that have passed rigorous testing. This increases the service life of the product. Its appearance and shape do not change over time and always look flawless. In addition, all products are safe for humans. As they are made from environmentally friendly material. And thanks to a special treatment of finished surfaces. The environment has almost no effect on them.

Equipment, on which our specialists produce brackets and consoles, is in the range of the most accurate and modern technological mechanisms. This makes it possible to achieve a particular precision of drawing. And striking care and accuracy. However, a major role in this process is played by master carvers. Whose experience and talent ensure the individuality of each product.

Actually, the use of decorative brackets not only in the home. Not superfluous such products made of wood will look and commercial premises. Whether it be offices with a flamboyant finish, the halls of museums, store windows. Or various kinds of showrooms. They can also decorate the facades of buildings. Thereby very advantageously refresh the overall architecture of the structure.

By the way, the history of decorative corbels as such originated with their use outdoors. Back in the ancient centuries. In order to decorate temples and palaces used architectural consoles. Even earlier, with the help of bracket, supported caryatids (statues of clothed women, replacing the familiar us columns). It is true that back then people were not yet aware of all the possibilities of this kind of support. This is one of the brightest examples of the very first brackets. Then brackets began to be used for the purpose. Which is best known to us: to support window sills, all sorts of overhangs and cornices.

But back to modern times. Products made of wood as decor today are very popular. Not only that this material will never go out of fashion. It is also environmentally friendly, durable and practical. In terms of its visual qualities, wood is very advantageous. Such decor will bring to the room solidity, comfort, harmony, a sense of warmth and security.

Choose the variant you like from our catalog. And contact us to specify the order. If the bracket model you need is not in the catalog. We will make it according to your designs or sketches.

Bracket is an element or support product that is used to simulate the attachment of ledges and cornices on pilasters or walls. In most cases, the bracket protrudes slightly from the wall. Thus creating a special atmosphere of the room and refreshing the interior.

Brackets made of wood visually look expensive and attractive. The part can be a single product and consist of individual parts. Modern CNC machines make it possible to obtain the most unusual and interesting forms of brackets at a low cost. You can also buy goods with free shipping from us.

Our vintage corbels are an excellent choice for those who prefer to decorate their homes or apartments with various wooden products and pieces of furniture. Decorative brackets made of wood, are mainly used to decorate doorways or tabletop supports. But can also be used as stands and mountings to shelves, window sills or fireplace mantel. The variety of shapes and sizes allows you to fit perfectly carved consoles in interiors of any style trends.

Wide carved corbels for the interior are loved for their versatility. Tiered, with different angles of slope, with and without inserts - they organically combine with more complex carvings. And can also be the only carved accent in the project. The wooden corbel looks rich in kitchens and door portals.

Wood is appropriate and looks organically with glass, fabric, plaster products. In addition, worthy to fit into almost any style of interior design. Whether it is modern and brutal loft, mature minimalism or luxurious classics. No matter how you look at it. Wood will be appropriate everywhere. With the latter, by the way, there will be no problem. The main thing is to present it in the right way. Modern machines with numerical control allow you to get the most non-standard and interesting forms of products with low cost. Brackets are no exception.

Our pompous handmade corbels for sale are unique. It would be hard to find these in local stores!

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