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Wood Column Capitals and pilaster tops

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Embrace the essence of architectural elegance with our collection of wood capitals for columns and pillars. Each piece is masterfully crafted to add a touch of sophistication and historical charm to your architectural elements. Our carved wood capitals are designed to top columns and pillars, providing a finished and refined look that complements both classic and contemporary design schemes. Made from high-quality wood, these capitals feature intricate carvings and detailed motifs, ranging from classical acanthus leaves to more modern geometric patterns. Ideal for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of entranceways, porches, or interior spaces, these decorative capitals serve as the perfect crowning element, seamlessly merging functionality with ornate beauty. Whether you’re restoring a historic building or designing a new space, our decorative wood capitals offer an unparalleled blend of style and craftsmanship, ensuring your columns and pillars stand out with elegance and grandeur.



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The interior decoration of halls, living rooms and halls is an important element of stylistics. Which determines the richness and originality of the interior within a unified concept of architectural design. Hand carved capitals are wooden elements of columns and pilasters with decorative functions. The column is one of the favorite architectural elements. Becoming a major structural element in buildings. Depending on the chosen style of buildings and structures, their purpose. Columns in ancient times began to be decorated with appliques.

Wooden capitals perform only a decorative function. But the importance of these elements is that it allows you to control the space of the room. Because the rectangular endings are very painful to the eye. With their help, you can transform the interior without going beyond the minimum budget.

The columns were not always located in different spaces. There was a different space between them. And this created a rhythm when looking at the design. The capitals have updated the Greek architectural language. It's so easy to bring a sense of the past decades into the house. Quickly adding sophistication to your entrance or large room. This is a great way to bring the ancient language of Greek architecture to the guests of your home. Every time you look at the applique sitting on top of the column. Thoughts of your strength and triumph come to mind. As well as the triumph of the ancient heroes.

The capitals for the doors are decorated with carvings and different patterns of the upper crossbars of the casing. Which serves to frame the opening on both sides. In order for these decorative elements to fit seamlessly into the room. They are made of the same material as the canvas covering the entrance to the room, a similar color scheme is selected. These designs on the door look not only luxurious. But also visually stretch it, which is good for halls with high ceilings. Strong crossbars also reduce the pressure of the web on the jamb, distributing the load on the platbands.

Carved products are added to door trims, kitchens, cabinets, wall panels, and fireplace portals, desks, beds. This is a universal element for creating beautiful decorative accents. In a house, apartment, restaurant, hall of celebrations and any other premises. In addition, carved wooden capitals are a frequent element of the church trend. They can be found in iconostasis, arks, thrones or lecterns.

Our products are made from durable high quality wood. For production we use solid beech or oak. Which are species with high structural strength and durability. Taking into account your wishes. And using your sketches or photos. Our masters will make in the shortest time exactly what you expect or even better.

Nowadays, capitals, especially carved ones made of wood. Have become a work of art, embodying a unique artistic image. Beautiful columns and capitals make the interior look monumental and aristocratic.

Since different capitals are required in different cases. We produce them in quite a wide range. Based on your circumstances and personal preferences. You can choose the most suitable product. In this case, the quality of all models is traditionally at the highest level. They will not only help to decorate the interior. But will do so for a very long time.

One of the first capitals were made by ancient Greeks. From Ancient Greece came Corinthian, Ionic and Doric types of capitals. The material was used not only wood but also metal. Often gold, to emphasize the richness of the building. Today you can buy a capital made of wood. Which is much cheaper.

Given the constantly growing opportunities of modern architecture. The demand for decorative carved products is constantly increasing. Capitals are not often used in modern design to create interiors. However, include in the internal layout of the building columns. Or pilasters as architectural pieces, without capitals you can not do without! Our capitals are the best choice for the facades of buildings or private houses.

We offer you a big range of quality carved wooden capitals at very reasonable prices. We can promptly execute any quantity to your design to order.



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