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Wood Balusters and Stair Spindles

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Gorgeous wood balusters for stairs will be a worthy decoration of the most diverse interior projects. Our store offers a variety of carved spires for stairs. From masterfully made balusters, decorated according to all the canons of the inimitable classics, to basic models of wooden stair steeples. They will blend harmoniously with innovative modern spaces. Our high-quality wooden balusters are made of oak or beech. And of course carefully crafted by experienced craftsmen.

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Wood stair spindels and balusters are made and offered for both indoor and outdoor use. I would like to note that wooden balusters are in great demand. Because of their special properties and advantages of wood products. Beech or oak balusters are supporting elements of staircase structures made of precious wood. They perform not only the function of support, but also create unsurpassed aesthetic charm. In addition, any staircase should be equipped with such elements at least because of the safety of movement on it. Buy beech or oak balusters favorable because of their undeniable advantages.

We have a great choice for your stairs. We can offer a large selection of turned wood balusters and spindels. Visit our online store to learn about the types and sizes available.

Choosing the right balusters is very important because the wrong choice can ruin the look of your staircase. Fortunately, you're sure to find the right balusters for your staircase in our extensive selection. Our range includes modern and traditional, ultramodern and classic.

Proper installation of balusters ensures the safety of people as they move around. The railing must be strong and stable. Therefore, the question of choosing the mounting technology of supporting elements is very important in the construction of the stairs.

Interior balusters with a square top - came into stair fashion relatively recently. They require clear lines and symmetry, which became achievable thanks to modern materials and technology. Square wooden balusters have an appropriate cross-section. Their ends and side edges can be decorated with decorative recesses. Such uprights look beautiful with railing of simple shapes.

If you choose wooden balusters with a square top, it is important to consider the size of the top block of the baluster and the size of the bottom of the railing. Classic wooden balusters are a spectacular addition to the interior. They are practical and durable, visually do not stand out from the overall ensemble of things. They have a beautiful silhouette outline, performing an aesthetic function not to the detriment of functionality. And also withstand serious shock loads, protecting people from falling from heights. Colors range from milky to black, bright colors are almost never used.

Balusters are the parts of the staircase that most affect its appearance. That is why choosing the right form, style and material of the balusters is very important. On the site of our store there is a wide range of products. By contacting us you can count on an individual approach and professional advice. This will allow you to buy the product of interest with free shipping. Will certainly be perfect for the task at hand.

Wooden stairs are an integral part of the completion of the interior. A staircase made of wood, designed and executed originally, using high quality materials can become a real decoration of the house.

We offer you handmade stairs and railings. The practicality and individuality of these architectural forms can not only emphasize the style of the wooden house. Also make a contrast to the interior of any building, including offices or apartments.

In favor of wood speaks its eco-friendliness and wonderful appearance. Railings and balusters made of wood can be decorated with decorative carvings. It is quite a soft material that lends itself well to processing, which allows you to make real works of art. On concrete or iron balusters to apply a decorative design will be problematic. Wood always fits organically into the interior of any room. Today balusters have turned from ordinary supports into real works of art.

In addition to the balusters themselves, there are posts for stairs and fences on sale. They are unlike the usual balusters are large and varied design of the stairs.

Oak and beech - a hard wood, are durable, resistant to wear, well covered with any paints and varnishes. These types of wood have a beautiful texture. The advantages of conifers - good workability and lower price compared to other wood species.

Balusters were used for stair railings hundreds of years ago. They have not lost relevance in modern design and handmade products are valued more than anything else.

Successfully choosing our product, you can not only create a durable and practical design, but also to form an atmosphere of beauty and comfort.

Unfinished decorative wood spindles have many valuable qualities. They are eco-friendly, durable, unique in color and odor. And in addition, the wood is easy to handle. The cost and type of wood stair parts in no way affect the quality of the wood. Square wood balusters are the centerpiece of almost any flight of stairs. Not only because they have a supporting function, but also because of its aesthetic purpose. This is how it has been known since ancient times and even masters of antiquity attached great importance to the appearance of railing parts.

You can order the manufacture of decorative balusters for your porch. As well as a balcony, veranda, terrace and other outdoor and indoor areas from us. When ordering the manufacture of wood balusters. You will find a rich selection of balusters that are made only of high quality wood and that will suit any home!

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