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Wood Frame Mirror

Vintage carved frame mirror - home decor

$1,288 ~ $2,014

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Luxury ornate wood frame mirror carved from natural solid wood in Antique & Modern Designs at Carved Decor: Carved Decor store offers a luxurious selection of oak carved wooden mirror frames, featuring designs that traverse time. From the grandeur of Baroque and Victorian to the sleek lines of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and contemporary styles, find the perfect frame to enhance your decor.



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The mirror is the real soul of the house, and the emotional mood of the person looking into it will depend on how it is decorated. Any rimless mirror is just a piece of glass. Only when inserted into the appropriate frame does it acquire a certain style and design. The modern selection of wood framed is so great. That everyone will be able to find for themselves exactly what they will like!

Any shapes and colors! Hand carved wood frames may differ in their color design and shape. The palette of shades contains a huge number of colors. That can be matched to any interior. The shapes of ornate mirror frames can be very different: rectangular, square, round, oval. A mirror in a round or oval frame is a godsend for interior design of any room. Especially in the original solid wood frame. The elegant shapes of such mirrors allow you to embody interesting creative ideas when creating an original interior style. Decorative wall mirror can be hung as a decoration on the wall in any part of the house - bedroom, living room, hallway or corridor, bathroom, toilet. It can also be used in public spaces: hotels, restaurants, offices, cafes and others.

A wooden frame for a mirror is one of the most common framing options. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy expensive baguette frames or fancy models with carvings. It is enough to have imagination, a minimum number of tools. And the ideas we have proposed to create unique wooden frames for the mirror. A mirror in a baguette frame gives the room exclusivity, increases the space. You can choose a baguette for furniture or interior items, creating a visual composition. Often one gold mirror in a well-chosen baguette is enough to make the room look finished.

Depending on the selected material, the cost and service life of the finished product may vary. Oak will be the most successful choice, since this type of wood is particularly strong and durable. And the finished product made of this solid wood will serve its owner for many years. Also, beech, ash, mango wood and other cheaper wood species are often used for the manufacture of frames. This does not mean that they will look less presentable – in many ways it is a matter of taste. Carved frames for mirrors made of precious wood are the most expensive, but they perfectly imitate the products of ancient masters and harmonize with antique furniture. Smooth baguettes of various shades go well with furniture of strict classical forms. Choose the material depending on the location of the product and stylistic features. For example, a mirror in a wooden frame is relevant in the hallway, bedroom or hall.

The wooden frame first appeared in history in the XVI century. Its homeland was Italy. Frames were in the interiors of the homes of rich people and even then were a sign of luxury and excellent taste. The plasticity of the relief was most often created by exquisite wood carving, as at present. The XVIII century did not change the significant role of the carved frame in the interior. Moreover, this kind of framing has spread to vanity mirrors, doors and platbands.

When new styles appeared in art, the style of the wooden frame began to change and determined the perception of the image as a whole. In the Middle Ages, the shape of the wooden frame resembled a Gothic window. But, the sculptural framing in the Gothic style, used in the XIV-XV centuries, is replaced by wooden frames for mirrors and paintings in a new technique of execution. They began to be performed in the style of "grisaille". Which involved the use of different shades of the same color. But, art does not stand still, so as soon as new trends appeared in painting at the end of the XIX century. The framing of paintings was also updated. Then, as in the XX century, the wooden frame was characterized by a more expressive profile. And the plastic relief of the bottom of the mirror was used to a minimum.

Wooden frames should be harmoniously combined with the overall interior design, furniture. In modern styles, a frame of a simple and strict shape will look advantageous. For a classic interior, Baroque, Empire - baguettes with patterns, monograms and lush decor are characteristic. And for minimalist styles - modest, simple, thin baguette frames, without fancy patterns.

For the manufacture of carved wooden frames for mirrors, we use special equipment - professional CNC milling machines. That have high accuracy of operation. Such machines can create unusual shapes and the most complex patterns for exclusive and designer variations of carved frames.

It is necessary to glue mirrors on such liquid nails, which are intended for working with mirrors. The difference between a mirror and glass is that the mirrors have a special amalgam substrate at the back. And some construction adhesives can dissolve it.

Our craftsmen will take into account all your wishes, and as a result you will get a carved mirror frame made of high-quality wood. Such a mirror will look really fashionable! And most importantly– you will not find another such frame in any store, because it will be made in a single version with free shipping. If you want to add a "highlight" to your interior, strive for originality and exclusivity. Then the design of a mirror in a baguette, wholesale wood frames for mirrors to order in our online store will be an excellent solution for creating beauty and comfort in your home.

The carved wooden frame is an integral part of the classic interior, it gives a special refinement and style. This is an exclusive work of art that will be at your home and you will admire it every day. Properly selected mirror frames can change even the most ordinary room, making it elegant and stylish. A mirror in a beautiful baguette frame can become the main decoration. The center of everyone's attention and the accent of the entire interior of an apartment, country house, hotel, restaurant.

However, fans of modern trends and styles will be able to find interesting options for carved frames. That will give the mirrors a special uniqueness and chic.



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