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Architectural wood columns and pilasters

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Hand-carved wood columns - a non-trivial decor that will make your interior unique. Our store offers an extensive selection of architectural columns and their components, such as pilasters and column bases. These items will delight true connoisseurs of luxurious classics, as well as lovers of sophisticated minimalism. The columns will transform your interior, giving it elegance and completeness. Our craftsmen make products out of solid types of wood - oak and beech. Each item is carefully processed by hand.



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In this section you will find various carved decorative columns and classic wooden pilasters - basic and popular elements. Without which almost no furniture, door or interior project can do well. Our catalog features models with simple geometric designs. With a small amount of floral and floral carving. As well as with a rich and ornate pattern.

Wood pilasters are used for facade decoration. And also for doors, interior walls, windows and other interior applications. If we approach the issue of studying pilasters in terms of architecture. It is worth highlighting the key components: Decorative capital - the part that plays the main decorative role. Because of which it can be decorated with different ornaments. Pilaster carved pillar - the main part. And there are also smooth and carved types of such an exterior element. The base - on such a structure the other elements are placed and fixed.

Architectural wood columns - these are elements of architecture that act as supports or decorations. They are often confused with posts. So it is worth distinguishing the concepts. The key difference is that a column is more closely related to the surrounding architecture in design style than a pillar.

The three major classical orders are Roman Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The Ionic columns are taller and thinner. With a decorative foot and scroll-shaped volutes on the capital. The most complex order is the Corinthian order. Which is tall and thin and features a decorative foot, volutes and acanthus leaves on the capital.

We offer a full range of classic hardwood home decor styles. If you can't find necessary items of columns and pilasters in our assortment. We are ready to make any items according to your project. From the best wood grades and the best paint grades. Modern production facilities and qualified staff allows for the shortest lead time to meet the needs of customers. In the manufacture and duplication of decorative elements.

Finger joint is recognized as the most stable method of connection along the length of the wood. All systems are extremely easy to use. This makes residual wood processing with finger jointing advantageous and easy for you!

Columns are created from a variety of materials. The most common of which is solid wood species. Wood will be the best choice for room decoration. Due to its lower cost and lighter weight. It has strength, specific texture, durability. Also, wood is easy to work with which allows you to create interior elements with almost any design!

Since ancient times, carved wood products have been used as interior and exterior decoration. A great example are pilasters. In appearance, the pilaster resembles a column. And like a column consists of a base, capitals and trunk. But, the difference is its size. It is much smaller than a column. So it easily fits in any room and adds sophistication and elegance to it.

Luxurious corner columns with carvings can decorate a cabinet, dresser or desk. It is an interesting and laconic solution for creating luxurious pieces of furniture. As a rule, the pilaster is installed on both sides of the cabinet. Made of grade woods pilasters are perfect decorative elements. That do not change their shape over time and remain as beautiful as they are today.

We make pilasters, classical and twisted columns from solid oak and beech. These materials are the most durable and long-lasting. Which is verified by many years of experience in our work.

The pilaster will help to visually enlarge the room and perform a decorative function. Wooden pilasters look great for a long time. Choose our fine products of high quality. Our decorative pilasters make furniture and interiors look status. Goods that you can order on the site are of high quality. And they are designed to delight their owners for a long time.


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