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Decorative Wood Mouldings

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Carved decorative wood mouldings for the interior. This simple and beautiful item is an excellent decoration for various surfaces and giving them a more emphasized and complete look: walls, ceilings, doors, fireplaces, arches, picture Frames. In the catalog, you will find a large selection of architectural mouldings in plenty of styles. Each piece is unique and impressive in its own way. Our products are not only aesthetically gorgeous but are also a guarantor of reliability and durability since our skillful craftsmen make them out of secure solid wood species - oak and beech.





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Today there are many products designed for decorating rooms and interior compositions. Such products include modern models of moldings. Such decorative items are very popular. So they are found in almost every home. Modern models of hardwood mouldings are made of different materials and are characterized by different performance characteristics.

Decorative wooden mouldings have long been popular among designers. They are simply indispensable if it is necessary to zone the space of a room. With their help it can be divided into several zones - for work, rest or sleep. In addition, they are often used to hide any irregularities and damages on the walls.

Most decorative wooden moldings can be attached to surfaces with wood glue. Larger pieces may require pins or screw fasteners. A variety of wood species are used to produce carved moldings: beech, oak, ash, lime, and others. Visually, the molding looks like a flat plate with curly carving. The elements are indispensable for giving the surfaces a finished look. Openwork wooden moldings are much loved for the fact that with their help the premises acquire a more aesthetic and original look.

Applying wood trim to these simple surfaces can lead to an amazing transformation by adding patterns and texture to them. Every homeowner can be an artist. Think of your home as a work of art. Wood stucco is a way to trim uneven edges, which is very similar to how artists emphasize certain areas of their paintings. The result is a beautiful and smooth appearance. Currently in the interior is valued simplicity, now in vogue is the style of "minimalism". And it does not presuppose a large amount of decor. But history knows times when decorations and stucco in the design of the interior space of buildings were used a lot, even in excess.

When and where did the moldings appear? Such decoration in the decor of the walls began to be used for the first time in France during the period of exquisite Rococo. This is a wonderful tool with which you can create and implement amazing architectural ideas. You should not be afraid to work with these products. Rail mouldings are used for quite a long time. Just now they are called differently. And for their manufacture use all new and new materials. Which gives the society technical progress.

Wood never goes out of fashion and is notable for its durability, environmental friendliness and beauty. Our prices for finished solutions and services remain at the same level and the quality of service is constantly improving. With a wide variety of wood finishes to choose from. Homeowners are free to express their design interests, whether highly decorated or sophisticated. The first step is to choose the one that suits you. What kind of solid wood shape would you like for your home? Let us know.

Molding is indispensable when the design solution involves zoning the space. Wooden moldings make the joint between the ceiling and the wall or a decorative box more expressive. Often this finishing element is used to hide damage to surfaces. In some cases, such decoration contributes to their further protection. There are many variations of the pattern on moldings. But even in the case when nothing from the catalog fits a certain stylistic direction. With the help of CNC machine we can cut out what you need.

Before using moldings in the design of the premises, weigh every step - the room should not be "overloaded" with numerous details. It is recommended to plan the location of the details in advance.

Elements are indispensable for giving surfaces a finished look. Openwork wooden moldings, cut with high precision on a CNC machine, are loved. Because they make rooms look more aesthetic and original.

Now a few words should be said about fixing. Decorative wooden mouldings are installed only when the wall decor is ready. You have wallpaper or paint. In the design of the premises moldings are combined with wallpaper, decorative plaster, paint. Thanks to this, unique, elegant interiors are born!




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