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Wood Rosettes and Wood Ceiling Medallions

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Wood rosette and medallions look gorgeous and are of premium quality. Products are made of two types of wood: oak or beech. In our catalog you will find a large selection of exquisitely carved wall rosettes that suit a variety of interior styles. Our unique rosettes will be a great decoration to your space. Rosettes are handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen, the surface of each rosette is carefully processed.

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Carved rosettes made of wood are an exquisite element of interior decor. Decorative rosettes are used to decorate furniture, walls and ceilings. They are also excellent for decorating various designs of fireplaces and door trim. The surface of the rosettes is completely ready for painting and varnishing.

Today, rosette blocks are a versatile decorative element. They can be different shapes: round, oval or square.

Therefore, they can easily fit into any interior. They can become both the finishing touch to the composition. And transform, make unique and more presentable pieces of furniture.

As well as any product made of wood, rosettes are a magnificent decorative object, emphasizing good taste of the owner of the room. This finishing element give the interior a very special atmosphere. Which combines warmth with elegance and solemnity.

Wood has long been used by our ancestors to decorate their homes. And today we gratefully accept their rich experience in woodworking, accumulated as a result of constant experimentation with this unique material.

Small decorative wood appliques in our collection are used in decorating furniture, wall panels, doors, ceilings. They are can also become an independent decorative element of the interior of kitchens, living rooms, offices, libraries, bedrooms and other rooms. Besides, with the help of this point of interest you can easily and quickly execute joints of platbands, baseboards, cornices and window trim.

This section presents a lot of ready-made products. If none of the ornaments suits you. We are ready to prepare an exclusive project of rosettes, taking into account all your wishes. Or use your project of home improvement, if you have one.

When making carved rosettes we use only solid wood: oak, beech, etc. However, if necessary, you can also use other types of wood - lime, beech, mahogany or other species.

To make rosettes last for a long time, we dry and treat the wood well before making them. As a result, the surface of these decorative corner block is ready for further painting and lacquering.

The rosettes are cut on modern CNC milling machines on the basis of 3D models. Decorative rosettes are coated with special protective compositions. Which ensure the maximum durability of wood.

Our rosettes are available in a sufficiently wide range. Which allows you to make a choice for people with very different tastes and preferences. Thanks to convenient and easy to use tables you can quickly get acquainted with the presented models. As well as assess their appearance, characteristics and cost.

Each model has its own unique features that distinguish it from all the others. Based on the features of the outlets, you can buy products for different circumstances. They are all original and to some extent unusual. Therefore, with the right choice, they will become wonderful decorations. The products offered are also durable and sturdy. Since manufactured with the expectation of long-term use. The use of quality materials, modern equipment and professional craftsmanship allows us to achieve the highest results.

If you have not found the decorative rosettes you need. We are ready to design and manufacture them according to your project.

The history of the appearance and practical use of rosettes goes back to the distant past. The human desire to concentrate attention on objects of regular geometric shape has led to the fact. That one of the main elements of decor become products and decorations of symmetric shape. Rosette, if translated from the French language, means a small rose or bow. But over time rosettes began to call flat products in the form of a circle. Used in applied branches, including architecture.

In addition to the patterns of plants and flowers in the rosettes we offer. You can use other geometric shapes, the volumetric figures of people and animals. If none of the ornaments suited you. We are ready to prepare a project of an exclusive outlet, taking into account all wishes, or use your project, if there is one.

We work only with high quality types of wood. In our work we use solid oak, beech, and other precious woods. The decor of oak is the solidity, the necessary strength and durability. Our products meet all necessary sanitary and technical standards, are environmentally friendly and durable. Visit us and choose any product you like! Miter cuts produce a clean look, where the grain wrap around top corners almost seamlessly with no end grain exposed. We are happy to create a beautiful and neat appearance of the product. Our decorative rosettes are unique. You definitely won't find them in your local store!

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