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This guide will allow you to keep the products manufactured by our company in the proper form, recommendations for their storage and use - guarantee you its serviceability for a long time. The Carved Decor Company produces decor from solid wood according to the Technical conditions.

For the manufacture of products, the Carved Decor Company uses high-quality dried wood with a "furniture humidity" of 8 (± 2) % from proven suppliers.

In the production of glued products, the glue we use is the KLEIBERIT 303.2 of the brand KLEBCHEMIE M. G. Becker GmbH & CoKG (Germany). The quality of bonding is D3. We use a hydraulic press with a specific pressure of 6 kg/cm2 for gluing joinery workpieces made of wood lamellas.

The Carved Decor Company operates on modern equipment, using advanced technologies in compliance with the standards of the furniture industry.

Wood is a living material. In dry or over humidified air, it tends to shrink/expand (swell). Wood, depending on the relative humidity of the environment, has the characteristic of absorbing or giving away its humidity. At the Carved Decor Company, in production and warehouse premises, temperature and humidity conditions are maintained in accordance with Construction Norms and Regulations for the premises of the woodworking industry. Using the automatic air humidification system, we maintain constant humidity throughout the enterprise at 50% and a temperature of 17-25 degrees Celsius. It is under such conditions that wood maintains its highest stability.




To preserve the product, it is IMPORTANT TO ENSURE:

 STORAGE of products manufactured by Carved Decor Company in an acceptable temperature and humidity conditions:

-  Air humidity within 40 - 55%.

Dry air (especially, this is relevant in winter, when the heating season begins and humidity in the premises can fall to 15%), can lead to micro-cracks, cracking, and warping of wooden decor.

-  Air temperature within 10 - 25 ° С.


• AVOIDING: Draughts / Water on the surface of the product / Mechanical damages / Keep products directly in front of heating devices / Expose products to continuous direct sunlight. 


It is necessary to cover the product with paint and varnish materials within 3 days after unpacking, to minimize the risk of damage to the finished product if the customer cannot store it in the required temperature and humidity conditions. Long-term storage without finishing is not allowed! 

It is essential to know that many of the produced wooden decorative elements are quite fragile, and intense mechanical impact on them (blows, drops, bending, etc.) is unacceptable, this can cause their damage.





The decor is made for indoor use, and its operation OUTSIDE the premises is not permissible (EXCEPT FOR HOUSE CARVING), and may lead to damage to products. The house carving must be covered with the protective layers of paint and varnish.

The environment has numerous influences on the appearance and quality characteristics of furniture. Furniture products are sensitive to light, humidity, dryness, heat, and cold, so we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to one or more of these conditions. That causes accelerated aging of the paintwork, warping and deformation of wooden furniture elements, and aging of the upholstery material.

The period during which the furniture retains its beauty and serviceability depends a lot on the terms of its operation. Follow these simple tips, and you will save your furniture in the best possible condition. We are sure that these simple recommendations will help you in the implementation of your unique projects!

Please, avoid the following:


• Keep products directly near heating devices;

-  Sudden temperature changes can seriously damage the product. The furniture/product must not be located less than 1 m from the heat source. Recommended air temperature during storage and/or operation: from +10 to +25 degrees Celsius; 

-  Do not allow hot objects (irons, dishes with boiling water, etc.) or heating radiation (light from high-power lamps, unshielded microwave emitters, etc.) to get on the furniture.

• Water on the surface of the product;

-  The surfaces of the decor / furniture should remain dry;

 Expose products to continuous direct sunlight;

-  Prolonged direct exposure to light in some areas may degrade the colors compared to other areas that were less exposed to emission. If you replace or add components, there is a chance that the furniture elements will differ in color. The difference will become less noticeable over time, it is natural, and therefore cannot be considered a sign of the poor quality of furniture products; 

           • Thermic damage, mechanical damage, including the fault of animals and other damages.

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