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Hand Carved Wooden Architectural Pieces

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About us

Our factory is located in Tbilisi, Georgia, a city famously known for its incredible architecture, history, rich culture, tradition, and classic, timeless atmosphere. Known for being a city of beautiful architectural structure, our company is fortunate enough to be surrounded by inspiration everywhere we look!

We have been producing custom decorative pieces since 2002. Our collection has grown to include over 1,000 unique pieces, with over 20,000 custom options. We choose to use genuine, all natural wood and polyurethane to craft durable, gorgeous decorative pieces that are long lasting and high quality to help create stylish, luxurious interiors and furniture that you will enjoy for years to come.


Our production process is a complex and multi-stage process that is impossible without human participation, even with the abundance of modern technology available to us today. As a result of incorporating human touch, we produce the highest quality products that will leave you breathless. You can check out some of the production process below!


We have the ability to craft products to you in three different styles. You can read more about each of your options below.

Machine sanding Card image cap
Machine sanding

Completed through milling processing and machine grinding, we emphasize the natural texture of a tree’s wood through tool stepover. Since wood is a natural material, the product may have some roughness to the touch, and pile within 10% of the treated surface. The customer is given the most cost effective price when choosing a piece within this style tier, as well as the possibility of planning further product customization and elaboration.

Hand sanding Card image cap
Hand sanding

The customer receives all elements included in the Machine sanding package, plus detailed manual grinding of the product. The result is a smooth, soft surface with no tool stepover, chipping, or unpolished pile. The product is completely ready for finishing.

Exclusive Card image cap

In addition to including all elements of the Hand sanding package, we provide an artistic processing of the product. There is precise attention to detail provided, including manual finish cutting, touching upon hard to reach internal areas, and maximum refinement of contours. This results in stunning, unique pieces of furniture and interior items.


We understand your concerns when trusting us with your custom project and we respect the personal investment you are making towards your decor. We have been working in the foreign market for 8+ years and have developed the most safe and comfortable terms for you. Rest assured, we will not let you down and we will work with you until your vision becomes reality!

For questions or concerns regarding our warranty, or if you are experiencing issues with your product, please send us a direct email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


In most cases, the transfer of funds to an unfamiliar counterparty can be an unpleasant process with big risk. When working with our clients, we use PayPal, an international, secure payment system. You can rest assured that your money is protected by a reputable source and the payment process will be simple, made literally by the click of a button!

For more information about PayPal, click the link below!



Delivery time of orders to clients averaged 5-9 days.

Bulky items are shipped directly, without intermediaries, allowing for competitive shipping costs.

We use the most reliable and durable foam packaging technology, guaranteeing that even the most fragile pieces will remain intact during transport.

Let’s Get Acquainted

My name is Alexander, and I am Carved Decor’s Foreign Customer Service Manager. My job is to help you bring your custom creation to life. I love my job and have been working with interior designers, furniture designers, and architects for over 7 years. I understand how valuable time is and how essential reliability and accuracy are when working with clients.

I have successfully delivered over 1,500 pieces of decor without complaint or dissatisfaction while working in this field, so you can be sure I will do everything in my power to deliver a piece to you that is exactly what you are looking for.

If you have any questions at all, or would like to discuss pricing, terms of production for products of interest, or have an independent project you would like us to work with you on, please send me an email directly and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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