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Wood Appliques and Onlays for furniture

Unique carved wood appliques from our catalog - a perfect addition to your design project. In our store, you will find wall and furniture appliques in many different styles. These items work well with the interiors of both classic and more modern innovative spaces. Exclusive wood appliques are carefully handmade by our skilled craftsmen. We use quality species of wood: beech or oak, that guarantee reliability, and durability.

Onlay N-383

Unique carved wood onlays for sale..



Decorative wood appliques for doors..



Victorian wood appliques for doors..


Onlay N-009

Antique furniture appliques for doors..


Onlay N-002

Decorative wood appliques for kitchen cabinets..



Artistic furniture onlays for mantel..


Onlay N-006

Ornate oak appliques for fireplace..


Onlay N-001

Antique furniture onlays..


Onlay N-414

Custom oak appliques for sale..


Onlay N-248

Victorian carved wood onlays for cellar..



Victorian furniture onlays for cabinets..


Onlay N-003

Unique wood appliques for mantel..



Artistic wall appliques for kitchen cabinets..


Onlay N-408

Ornate appliques and onlays for kitchen cabinets..


Onlay N-173

Fabric appliques and onlays..


Onlay N-008

Architecture furniture onlays for fireplace..


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