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Lion fireplace mantel corbels

  • $200

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Introducing our majestic Lion Fireplace Mantel Corbels, exquisitely carved from oak to add a regal touch to your hearth. These corbels, featuring the noble visage of a lion, bring a sense of grandeur and strength to any fireplace setting. Each piece is a work of art, skillfully carved from the finest oak, known for its durability and beautiful grain. The intricate details of the lion's mane and facial features are brought to life by our master craftsmen, making these corbels not just supportive elements but also stunning decorative pieces. Perfect for adding an element of classic elegance to your living room, these lion corbels are ideal for those who appreciate the combination of artistry and function. Whether incorporated into a new fireplace design or added to an existing mantel, our Lion Fireplace Mantel Corbels transform your fireplace into a focal point of luxury and style.

Right Corbel:
👉 Lion Corbel KR-050R

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