Handmade mascaron in oak or beech, Carved wood wall decor

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Carved wood mascarons - unique avant-garde products that can completely transform and renew an interior. Our catalog contains a wide selection of various models of wooden mascarons, which are distinguished by special exclusivity and premium quality. In our store, there are wooden masks made in a wide variety of designs, such as images of predatory animals, people, mythical heroes. Thanks to such an extensive assortment, you can choose an item to your liking. Wall decorations are made of oak or beech and handcrafted by our finest craftsmen.

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In order to classify stucco made of wood. It is customary to divide it into types. One of which is mascaron. Despite the relative antiquity of such technology. Mascaron-style products are actively used for the decoration of facades of country houses. Look great as an addition to landscape design. As well as for decorating buildings designed in certain styles. The location of the carved wood wall decor can be different. But it is advisable to decorate window openings, the entrance, the area in front of the stairs, arches, columns with it.

The word "mascaron" came from the terminology of architectural decoration. And its root "mask" - reminds that the function of mascarons is originally sacred. They are amulets of Greek temples.

The use of stucco in the form of mascarons in the premises is not used so often. Because of the massiveness and sufficiently large dimensions of the finished product. The exception is halls, living rooms or rooms of a large area for which such decor would be appropriate.

It is very easy to recognize this type of wood wall art. Since only the heads are formed as an image. They may not necessarily be an exact analogy of an animal or a person. Since it is often in these products that a comic grimace, the appearance of an unearthly monster, god or any other character is expressed. You can choose your own image for each interior. But there is also a rating of the most popular images and these include: Lion's head. It is believed that the statue in the form of the head of the king of beasts gives a special colorfulness, is associated with confidence and strength, which can be figuratively conveyed through the decoration of stucco; A female portrait that can be adjusted to fit a goddess, a character from myths. Some prefer just a pleasant image for perception; Imitation of masks associated with the era of classicism, Baroque; Cupids, suitable for almost any interiors.

The heads of lions, wolves and bears are often ordered for the decoration of doors and interiors in a hunting style. Filigree execution, maximum elaboration of details and incredible realism of wall sculptures combine into a luxurious and noble product. That without a doubt, will emphasize the taste, style and character of the owner of the house.

Elegant wood decor can be beautifully decorated on a figured wooden substrate. And hung on the wall in the same way as a trophy. In addition, this is an original option for a gift.

Carved floral mascarons made of wood of small sizes can be used in door frames, panels and facades, beds, bedside tables, dressers, cabinets, tables, stair posts and wall panels. In fact, these are universal elements of a round or square shape. And their purpose can be limited only by the height of the product.

These are not the only decoration options in the form of mascaron. You can turn on your imagination. Use the services of our specialists and create your own facade decoration using any other images of someone's heads. When creating these rustic home decor mascarons . There was a prerequisite: they should look directly at the person who appeared in front of them.

The main distinguishing feature of our works. Which you can find in our online store, is the variety of styles and high artistic taste of our masters. With unique technology and modern equipment. We create carved mascarons of any subject. Artistic wood wall mounting is characterized by high aesthetic properties. The pleasant relief of the surface, the refinement of the smallest details, the unusual plot. And the material itself make our carved mascarons extremely beautiful. Mascarons made of wood already initially have a positive energy. And in combination with the storyline and artistic design becomes the object of close attention.

These carved decorations are the perfect solution for a modern interior! They open up a huge number of possibilities for the designer! Wood products have always been popular because they are characterized by high strength, durability and aesthetics. Wood is quite easy to process. And modern production technologies allow you to create fantastic patterns and ornaments from it.

We recommend using our drawings at the design stage of your furniture or interiors. You can easily download them yourself by clicking on the product you like. Before you buy mascarons. Pay attention to their further finishing. And do not forget to put down the right quality of the plywood for you under the size table. This approach to work allows us to use material more efficiently. Create less waste and thus take care of the environment. With the help of carved mascarons from our collection. You can create unique and inimitable pieces of furniture and interior. That will become the hallmark of the company. They will emphasize the original approach to their business and high quality in the details.

Wood in the interior can embody any plans of the designer due to the many options for processing and finishing wood. Wooden decor panel have been used by man since ancient times. And over time, the ways in which wood is processed have become more diverse and the forms have become more original.

This finish option in the form of a wall art panel can often be found in the interiors of palaces and luxury country residences. Wooden carved wall panels can be made of beech and oak. The wood is coated with varnish or wax to improve its protective properties against moisture and strengthen its fire protection characteristics.

Registration of housing with natural material looks expensive and respectable. The warm, textured wood surface brings a sense of closeness to nature into the interior. To carved floral wall in harmony with the design, you need to choose the right type and style of decoration.

Technology makes it possible to create real works of art. Carving floral wall decor can be purchased as a nice gift for friends and relatives. Convex species of decor panel will decorate the wall of the living room, dining room or office.

Our craftsmen will take into account all your wishes. And as a result you will receive carved mascarons made of high-quality wood. Such a product will look really fashionable! And most importantly – you will not find another such wall decor in any store. Because it will be made in a single version. If you want to add a "zest" to your interior, strive for originality and exclusivity. Such expensively decorated mascarons to order in our online store will be an excellent solution for creating beauty and comfort in your home.

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