Gorgeous wooden set of decor for wall ark

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We would like to present this hand-carved set to your attention. The carved items in the set are not just beautiful decoration, but also made in accordance with the necessary technological requirements. Our masters try to follow the long tradition in manufacturing. The main material that goes into the work is solid oak and beech. All the wood we use for our carvings is thoroughly pre-treated. Hard wood species guarantee sufficient strength for the finished product. In addition to its main function, our casket performs an aesthetic function, filling the icon with deep artistic content. From time immemorial, caskets have played an important role in the decoration of icons. Skilled craftsmen make carved wooden caskets an essential attribute of religion, filling the decoration of Christian churches with deep artistic meaning and the refined beauty of the carved forms. Our products will create a unique harmony and atmosphere in your home, add sophistication to the church decoration. We can order a casket for any icon. When ordering you can specify the required size, framing elements, there is a possibility to develop an individual design.

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