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Vertical onlays
Vertical onlays

Onlay N-060-1

Millwork wood onlays for interior..


Onlay N-060-2

Vintage oak appliques..


Onlay N-079-1

Ornate wall appliques for cellar..


Onlay N-079-2

Unique carved wood onlays..


Onlay N-118L

Antique carved wood onlays for doors..


Onlay N-118R

Fabric wood onlays for cellar..


Onlay N-121L

Design oak appliques for sale..


Onlay N-121R

Decorative carved wood onlays for mantel..


Onlay N-174L

Custom oak appliques for cellar..


Onlay N-174R

Unique wood onlays for kitchen cabinets..


Onlay N-252L

Decorative carved wood appliques for kitchen cabinets..


Onlay N-252R

Craftsman wood appliques for fireplace..


Onlay N-253L

Artistic wood appliques for doors..


Onlay N-253R

Fabric oak appliques for interior..


Onlay N-254L

Vintage appliques and onlays for cellar..


Onlay N-254R

Victorian oak appliques for fireplace..


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