Unfinished Carved Furniture Legs

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A table with straight wooden legs is suitable for most modern styles. However it does not add any zest to the interior and represents absolutely no aesthetic value. If you want to add some creativity and originality to your apartment. Always choose your furniture with special attention. Beautiful should not only be the table top, but also the legs. They can be of different shapes and sizes.

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The legs for furniture not only perform a practical support function, but also serve as an important decorative element. And probably the most beautiful and high-quality material for the manufacture of furniture legs can be called natural wood. Special curly treatment allows you to create exclusive carved wooden legs, through which any piece of furniture acquires a special grace and uniqueness.

Our unfinished table legs are represented in a large range. They differ in terms of manufacturing method, style, shape, size and type of wood. To a large extent, the final price of the finished product depends on these parameters. Also in the formation of the cost is important, whether the work will be typical or made to order.

Work on the production of decorative furniture legs is carried out on milling machines. A large number of different knives, cutters, discs and milling heads are used as cutting tools. Modern machines allow you to program products of any complexity. This makes it possible to significantly speed up productivity and reduce labor costs in the production of parts.

The most interesting and original are the hand carved legs. While in the past only manual labor was used to make carved objects. Now multi-axis milling machines are used. Although hand-carved artistic wood carvings are still more appreciated. Unique furniture with carved legs compares favorably with other products and is considered an indicator of the special status of the owner.

The process of handmade carved legs is very difficult and requires a lot of tools and cutters of different configurations. As well as a lot of experience and talent from the master.

Also on the final cost of the product will affect such additional measures as sanding, polishing, staining.

Choose the wood from which the legs will be made, depending on the type of table. For example dining table legs, coffee table legs, sofa legs or island leg. It is possible to use a single leg, but provided that it is massive enough. If the tabletop is not stable, it is necessary to pick up other legs or make them to order.

In most cases four legs are used - this is the standard option. In this case you can choose many different legs, choose a certain shape and style.

We produce high-quality, carved furniture legs made of solid natural wood and can make them to your sketch, drawing or sample. It will be ready to be painted or varnished in the shades of your choice.

Knotty pine refers to pine wood boards that have a large number of visible knots. This type of wood was very popular in kitchen decors in the middle of the 20th century because of the rustic appeal that it could achieve. Often, kitchen cabinetry has a honey finish that varied in a range between orange and red colors.

Wooden legs are an attribute that is necessary for any furniture. Legs of such material as beech are strong and reliable support for any piece of furniture. They differ in shape and manufacturing method. Carved thin legs - the beauty and lightness of a lady's dressing table, and solid and massive will look great in the "rustic" style of the kitchen. Old table and chairs will look like new. You just need to put them on a beautiful support. And the cabinet, standing out from the overall interior, but expensive as a memory, can also be updated by replacing the old legs with new ones. The variety of shapes and finishes allows you to choose exactly the kind of legs you need to give your room a finished uniform style and look.

In total, wood is always objectively better than plastic, glass, polymers or any surrogates. This material is alive and warm. It fills the house with its energy. Its natural pattern is always beautiful and original. But it, if you want, can be completely modified or slightly tweaked. High-quality wooden furniture is always smart and elegant. It is always a work of art in the house. Which attracts looks and makes the room a truly comfortable and cozy. In general, arranging the house with natural wood is a classic. Solid wood has a lot of advantages. It is functional and durable and will last for decades. It is beautiful, elegant and natural. We can cut and carved cabinets and furniture, wood furniture feet, bun feet, chair legs, cabinet legs and other wood products. The material is flexible and sturdy, with a wide range of textures. If mechanically damaged, the wood can be restored. In a word, it is easy to get exclusivity and naturalness by choosing this material.

Our unfinished wood furniture legs can be used with any object in the house that needs support. Be it chairs, wooden tables, beds, cabinets, chests of drawers, benches, kitchen island, table base, sofas and so on. Such an exclusive will be harmonious and appropriate in any room. And because our masters offer dozens of varieties of patterns and leg styles. You can "fit" them into completely different styles. Classic furniture legs, antique furniture legs, tapering leg, beech or oak cabinet legs - in our catalog you will find your unique variant.

The shape of wooden supports today is very diverse. Popular are the so-called bent and shaped, Viennese and cabriole legs. For the furniture to look decent. It is important that all its parts are made in a high-quality, beautiful, unique and stylish way.

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