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Add a touch of elegance to your rooms with these delightful brackets that bring the fluidity of movement to a room design. The detailing provided by these carvings are the perfect way to compliment a look and bring style to your room.

Available Dimensions:
5,51" x 1,14" x 1,54" x 0,87" (140mm x 29mm x 39mm x 22mm )
6,5" x 1,34" x 1,81" x 1,06" (165mm x 34mm x 46mm x 27mm )
7,6" x 1,57" x 2,13" x 1,22" (193mm x 40mm x 54mm x 31mm )
10,87" x 2,2" x 3,03" x 1,73" (276mm x 56mm x 77mm x 44mm )