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For untold centuries carvings have decorated the most expensive palaces, villas and houses of aristocrats bringing to them a kind of elegance that that is rarely seen in the modern world. In this fast paced world of glass and concrete artistic craftsmanship has diminished but the love of carved wonders has not.

More and more people every year are returning to home design that requires a unique touch of class and style outside of the modern standard. Stunning carvings bring a certain level of comfort and harmony into your house along with class and individuality, the kind that you want to inherit.

Wood is beautiful by itself, with its brilliance, pattern, color and aroma. In the hands of a master craftsman it acquires its soul.
We, as a team of professional master carvers, would like to welcome you to our website where we have tried to collect our best works for you to enjoy.

• We love what we do and constantly strive to improve our professionalism;
• We have streamlined our work process so that we can cope with the large volume of orders without compromising our incredibly high standards;
• We treat the promise of our product delivery terms as though it was to our own family;
• We are always looking to create new designs. Our master craftsmen know that every customer has different tastes and love to stretch their creative legs to come up with stunning new additions;
• We are proud of our specialists, because their boundless talent and golden hands are our most important assets, which we appreciate and cherish.

Over the past 9 years of hard work we have built up a strong industrial base and now sit proudly among the leaders in the Russian market for carved decoration and furniture accessories.
We are constantly working to improve our quality of service. We want choosing a carved product to be a pleasure that can be enjoyed!