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Bring your wooden surfaces from into a world of class with these beautiful carves rosettes. Cared with love to create the perfect accompaniment to any wood design. Ideal as an addition to doors and furniture and a perfect way to regenerate furniture with an original design.

Available Dimensions:
1,54" x 1,54" x 0,39" (39mm x 39mm x 10mm )
1,97" x 1,97" x 0,51" (50mm x 50mm x 13mm )
2,36" x 2,36" x 0,59" (60mm x 60mm x 15mm )
2,76" x 2,76" x 0,71" (70mm x 70mm x 18mm )
3,15" x 3,15" x 0,63" (80mm x 80mm x 16mm )