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Stunningly carved feature piece that is sure to fire the imagination of onlookers. Bring any room or centre piece to life with these magnificently crafted mascarons. Ideal for emphasizing a truly individual look. Available in Oak and Beech wood.

Available Dimensions:
5,16" x 3,94" x 1,34" (131mm x 100mm x 34mm )
6,73" x 5,12" x 1,73" (171mm x 130mm x 44mm )
8,27" x 6,3" x 2,13" (210mm x 160mm x 54mm )
10,59" x 8,07" x 2,72" (269mm x 205mm x 69mm )
12,91" x 9,84" x 3,31" (328mm x 250mm x 84mm )