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Bring life to your room to life with these gorgeously carved capitals that complement both column and faux column designs. These exquisite carved masterpieces are sure to amaze again and again. These wonderfully crafted decorations are sure to draw the eye.

Available Dimensions:
6,22" x 8,27" x 2,95" x 0,91" x 4,76" (158mm x 210mm x 75mm x 23mm x 121mm )
7,4" x 9,84" x 3,54" x 1,06" x 5,67" (188mm x 250mm x 90mm x 27mm x 144mm )
8,74" x 11,61" x 4,17" x 1,26" x 6,69" (222mm x 295mm x 106mm x 32mm x 170mm )
10,91" x 14,49" x 5,2" x 1,57" x 8,35" (277mm x 368mm x 132mm x 40mm x 212mm )